Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds

ARTec Venetian blind by Alulux

External Venetian blinds: variable incident light, privacy and protection from the sun

Make an architectural statement and ensure the perfect indoor environment at all times with external Venetian blinds. The infinitely-adjustable slats allow you to direct the light coming into the room however you want. Our aluminium external Venetian blinds also provide variable privacy and protection from the sun.

Suitable for: Alulux front-mounted systems and our Enext top-mounted systems – for retrofitting or in new buildings.

  • extruded aluminium blind box
  • easily accessible for maintenance
  • box dimensions (mm): 165, 180 and 205
  • Operation: comfort motor drive or radio-controlled motor

Glare protection:  As much daylight as you need, without being dazzled

Master the art of sunlight control with external Venetian blinds, since the variably adjustable slats offer optimum glare protection. The system can be tailored to your individual needs with a high degree of precision and is designed to allow the right amount of natural light and sunlight into your home.

Visual protection: Your personal living space, ideally protected against prying eyes

Visual protection guarantees privacy. External Venetian blinds allow the desired level of daylight into your home whilst stopping prying eyes from looking in. Allow maximum light in while maintaining your chosen level of privacy.

Controlling the level of light: Clever slat architecture for precise sunlight control

You decide how much natural light enters your rooms. Depending on the amount of sunlight you require, ARTec external Venetian blinds enable you to adapt the level of light to suit your needs. Adjustable slats enable individual sunlight control.

Reduced air-conditioning costs: Cut your energy bill and enjoy a healthy room climate

A special characteristic of the external Venetian blinds is their ability to reflect light, as this can act as an alternative air conditioning system. Aluminium external Venetian blinds can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays. Enabling you to keep a cool head in the summer heat.

Cold and heat insulation: External Venetian blinds as a natural alternative

Keep the cold out in the winter months and ensure your house stays cool in the summer. Create a comfortable room climate with external Venetian blinds, as you control and adjust the level of light and sun entering a room.

External Venetian blinds as a façade element: Sunlight control systems with a high level of design detail

ARTec aluminium external Venetian blinds are an architectural marvel on any façade. Be additionally inspired by their amazing design from inside your home. The infinitely adjustable slats mean you can enjoy as much natural light as you want. Flexible, soft ambient light while giving your windows a fantastic look from the outside.

Roller shutter
Roller shutter
Privacy protection
Light control
Energy saving
Cold and thermal insulation
Cold and thermal insulation

I like the classy design and the ability to control the light coming in.

Holger D.


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How do external Venetian blinds handle strong winds and freezing conditions?

In strong winds: With the blinds down, they may move about constantly within the lateral guide. Depending on the wind speed, the effects of this can range from clattering noises to possible damage to the blinds. Swinging bottom slats can potentially inflict scratches and other damage on the window frame and the building front.

A wind-activated control system will provide a solution for this, automatically raising the blinds and parking them safely in the box in high winds.

In freezing conditions and very low temperatures: If individual elements freeze up, this may restrict the operation of your external Venetian blinds. Signs of this include loud cracking noises or the blind system temporarily being stationary. In this case, the blinds must only be operated once they have thawed or defrosted. Particular attention should be given to centrally-controlled external Venetian blind systems in freezing temperatures as there is not always a direct aural or visual check in these cases. If necessary, the relevant systems should be switched to manual operation.

What is the best way to look after my external Venetian blinds?

To clean your external Venetian blinds, it is best to use a very mild, commercially-available cleaning agent. You don’t need to use much force. This way you avoid deforming any of the individual slats.

After you have washed your external Venetian blinds, you should rinse them thoroughly with clean water to prevent corrosion caused by any salt, acid or alkali residues.

Please do not under any circumstances use any alkaline, acidic or abrasive cleaning agents or a high-pressure cleaner.

Which systems/boxes are compatible with external Venetian blinds?

Alulux external Venetian blinds are suitable for front-mounted roller shutter boxes, top-mounted roller shutter boxes or as complete external Venetian blinds with aluminium blinds and shafts of all kinds, provided there is the necessary space available for external Venetian blinds.