Zip-textile screens


Alulux Zip-Textile-Screen sun protection exterior view

SolidScreen®: sun protection that combines design and innovation

SolidScreen® is a semi-transparent fabric screen from Alulux.The weather-proof and appealing material ensures glare and heat protection while providing perfect visibility to the outside.It allows natural daylight to enter, creating bright and fresh rooms.

The demands placed on external sun protection systems are increasing all the time, with windproof utilisation and solar shading for larger glazed surfaces being just two of the many basic requirements.The intelligent zip system of the Alulux fabric screens ensures they operate smoothly in a special insert in the guide rail. The so-called “zip guide” can withstand winds of up to 145 km/h; this has been confirmed by a wind tunnel test at the Karman Institute. Large surface systems up to 15 m² are possible thanks to the zip Technology.


Fabric screens create a pleasant and modern living atmosphere. The screen material is homely and attractive in appearance, reduces the amount of sunlight entering a room, but is also transparent enough to see through. The sun screening blocks the sun’s harmful rays. Unpleasant, direct sunlight is blocked, thus protecting your furniture and fabrics against fading.

Fabric and design

The top quality material of our fabric screens combines numerous outstanding properties.It is lightweight and durable, waterproof and frost resistant.Its semi-transparent structure protects against unpleasant glare while still providing perfect visibility to the outside.The material structure also enhances the look of buildings.The screen ensures added value and visual appeal.The wide range of available colours allows you to stamp your own mark on a building – from discreet to eye-catching!

The seamless surface provides the facade with a smooth and aesthetic overall finish.The variety of designs of the round and square Alulux front-mounted boxes allows you to create special visual and architectural characteristics, whenever and wherever desired.


Comfort Textile Screens

Our fabric screens can be controlled comfortably according to your needs.The programmable remote control can be used to open and close individual screens or whole groups easily at the push of a button. No matter which type of control you choose: You can flexibly adapt the level of light to suit your needs. True to the motto: As much light as possible, as little light as necessary.


Fabric screens prevent the greenhouse effect during the summer months.The shades are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and to keep the heat out.Save yourself the money you would otherwise have spent on air conditioning; and in the winter slash your heating bill, as less heat is lost through Windows.


Excellent practical qualities and a real eye-catcher for every facade.

Jenny L.


Alulux Brochure Venetian blinds + Screen


How do I care for my fabric Screen?

Roll down your fabric screen fully for cleaning.Light soiling can be removed with a soft, non-metal brush.When wet cleaning, please use a pH-neutral cleaning agent and a sponge or soft brush.After cleaning, always rinse with clear water.Make sure the water temperature is below 40°C.Ensure the fabric is completely dry before rolling up the Screen.

How do I protect my fabric screen from exposure to strong winds and frost?

Frost:If the guides are frozen, do not operate the fabric screen with force.As soon as the guides have defrosted, simply open and close the fabric screen as normal.

Strong wind:Please close your windows, as the fabric screen may be damaged by strong winds.For maximum safety, we recommend you to retract the fabric screen if there are strong winds.

For whom are fabric screens the better alternative?

Fabric screens are the better alternative for you:if you prefer gentle and discreet shading to complete blackout.A fabric screen allows natural, pleasant light to enter rooms.

if you wish to protect your rooms against excessive heat gain in the summer.Since fabric screens block out harmful UV rays before they enter a room.