Virtual showroom for specialist dealers, builders and renovators

Since 2017 we have been able to advise our customers in the Alulux showroom and check and appraise the entire range of Alulux products.

The showroom was opened in 2017 under this motto "Alulux 360 ° VIEW". At Alulux, VIEW still stands for V = vision, I = innovation, E = emotion, W = change.

Since the opening, dealers have been invited to Verl every year to experience the company and the showroom, which we call the Experience Center on site, and to present products. In order to give visitors the opportunity to visit the showroom for sun protection products and garage doors even in times of change, it is now also available virtually.

Builders, renovators and specialist dealers can immerse themselves in a virtual reality here and get information and advice online about the variety of products and the Alulux company. At any time and regardless of the time or day of the week, because perfect customer service is a matter close to Alulux's heart. With the virtual reality function, products are within reach and the product documents allow visitors to find everything in one place.

Alulux is proud to be able to set new impulses with the virtual showroom in the sense of a perfect customer journey and thus have created an optimal possibility of contactless, but at the same time personal customer service.

Get an overview of roller shutters, external venetian blinds, textile screens and garage doors and all accessories.