New-build profiles

All commercially-available roller shutter boxes can be fitted with our standardised quality profiles. The twelve Alulux profile differ in terms of their specific properties, the dimensions and style. Whether you want something particularly robust or very space-saving or something offering strong protection against break-ins, and whether it’s aluminium with various foam densities, solid aluminium or steel you want: we have the perfect profile solution for any application, including a wide range of colours. The high-quality thick-coat stove enamelling means they are colour-fast and light-fast for a long time, without the need to repaint them. All roller shutter profiles are manufactured in line with the applicable EU standard.


Here are some examples from our profile range:

CD 135 | aluminium | foam-filled

  • extremely tight-winding aluminium roller shutter profile
  • 35 mm top surface
  • 8.85 mm nominal thickness
  • 10 colours


CD 137 | aluminium | foam-filled

  • slim aluminium roller shutter profile with a small winding diameter
  • 37 mm top surface
  • 8.5 mm nominal thickness
  • 22 colours


CD 540 Stalufol | steel

  • Security profile made from galvanised steel
  • 40 mm top surface
  • 8.7 mm nominal thickness
  • white colour


CD 400 | aluminium | foam-filled

  • with a small winding diameter
  • particularly low space requirements
  • 51 mm top surface
  • 13.5 mm nominal thickness
  • 11 colours


CD 200 | aluminium | foam-filled

  • classic aluminium roller shutter profile for use in new buildings
  • 55 mm top surface
  • 14 mm nominal thickness
  • 8 colours


CD 70/E | aluminium

  • protection against break-ins, factory-tested aluminium profile
  • 54 mm top surface
  • 13.2 mm nominal thickness
  • over 180 RAL colours


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New-build profiles