Aluminium roller shutters enhance both your property’s appearance and its energy-efficiency. They offer a wide range of design options and customised convenience and increase the overall efficiency of buildings. Because the building apertures remain flexible, roller shutters ensure the right indoor climate all year round. They provide protection against cold, heat, noise, prying eyes and insects whenever you need it. They also offer increased protection against break-ins.


Aluminium is light, sturdy and durable. It makes for quiet operation and offers good insulation values, operational reliability and lasting quality. It is relatively unaffected by rust and by wind and weather. Aluminium provides a high-quality surface appearance that lasts many years. Thanks to our thick-coat stove enamelling, our roller shutters and garage doors never need repainting.

Aluminium is resistant to twisting and barely expands at all in hot conditions. What’s more, it is suitable for high-precision processing. Combined with the art of German engineering this produces well-engineered and reliable roller shutter and garage door systems with a high added value.

Neopor insulating material

Neopor® is the basis and the system environment of the energy-efficient Next product range from Alulux. The high-level insulating material offers greater stability compared to other materials such as polyurethane, Styrodur® or Styropor®.

Neopor® is a registered trademark of BASF and has been developed using expandable polystyrene. Particles of graphite in the material reflect radiant heat energy like a mirror. The material’s resistance to the flow of heat is thus significantly increased.


The structures have a density of 15 kg/m³ and a thermal conductivity of just 0.032 W/mK. They can be up to 30% thinner (or 50% less thick) than standard polystyrene boards. Neopor® requires 50% less raw materials to achieve the same insulating performance.

Effects: Up to 20% better insulating performance, environmentally friendly and sustainable use of raw materials, application of thinner boards.

Quality standard

Alulux brand-name roller shutters are manufactured responsibly in Germany in accordance with the Europe-wide quality standard DIN EN 13659. All components are tested and meet the applicable quality criteria provided by law. The quality standard guarantees operational reliability and protection against material damage and personal injury.

Real quality. What else?

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Welded mitred corners

Bay windows and unusual building angles don’t pose any problems: with the tailor-made, welded mitred corners, our roller shutter systems can be perfectly adapted to virtually any building situation. A uniform appearance is always guaranteed.

Rigid connectors

The rigid connection of the roller shutter to the roller shutter shaft makes it difficult for it to be forced up from outside. Our shaft connectors also have anti-freeze protection. Thanks to the fact that Alulux roller shutters are equipped with rigid connector as standard, they are suitable for operation with the convenient Somfy motor with automatic obstacle detection.

Remote control

The programmable radio-remote control allows you to control individual roller shutters or selected groups of roller shutters very conveniently. The 433-MHz technology ensures fault-free and reliable operation.

Insect screen

The 2-in-1 insect screen stops annoying minibeasts from getting into your home. The transparent gauze screen at the same time gives you an unrestricted view through to the outside. Our insect screen is integrated into the roller shutter box in a separate cassette.


io-homecontrol networks the electronics inside your home – and in an uncomplicated way. A single standard interface and two-way radio technology allow you to operate and automate countless components from all kinds of brands on the same control platform. Be it roller shutters, windows, gates, doors, alarm systems, lights, air-conditioning or ventilation systems. Even programming complex processes is no trouble at all. Control your automated home remotely on your laptop or smartphone without any problems.

  • Welded mitred corners
  • Rigid connectors
  • Remote control
  • Insect screen
  • io-homecontrol


Whether it’s a front-mounted roller shutter or a top-mounted system: installation of Alulux brand-name roller shutters is completed quickly, cleanly and precisely in just a few hours.

Arrange an installation appointment with the specialist fitters following your on-site consultation. After installation and the final check, the smoothly-functioning roller shutter system is handed over to you. That’s it.

Installation in a single day

On-site consultation and measurementInstallation day: morningInstallation beginsFinal check and handover: mid-morningYour enjoyment: for a long time
First, our measurement technician pays you a visit. He examines the structural conditions and advises you on the best mounting option. He then takes precise dimensions and makes a note of any necessary information.The specialist fitters come to your house at the date and time agreed. They check the construction dimensions again before installation. The roller shutter elements are already pre-assembled, accurate to the millimetre. A few holes are drilled and in a few simple steps the roller shutter system is fitted – in a clean process without any dirt or dust. Next comes the fine-tuning, to make sure your roller shutters open and close perfectly.The specialist fitters check your new roller shutters to make sure they work flawlessly. They then hand over the perfectly-running system to you and move on to their next installation job.You can enjoy the design and convenience of your new aluminium roller shutters. They open and close easily and quietly and the premium-quality appearance is just to your taste, bringing you pleasure for a long time to come.


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Roll-formed or extruded?

Both roll-forming and extrusion use a strip of solid, high-grade aluminium as their starting point.

For particularly robust, extruded roller shutter boxes, the aluminium strip is heated, drawn against a part and then pushed through a die with the utmost precision. The individual blanks are then die-cut.

For stable, roll-pressed roller shutter boxes, the strip material (aluminium coil), which already has a premium coating applied to it, is shaped using a rolling system (roll-forming machines with sets of rollers), accurate to the millimetre.

Depending on the size of the box, the mill-finish solid aluminium is between 1.5 and 2.2 mm thick.

Why aluminium? Wood and plastic look good, too.

Aluminium is far superior to other materials such as wood or plastic when in comes to durability, cost-effectiveness and functionality – and also when extreme precision during manufacture is important. It also has the advantage of an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.

In general, aluminium is ideal for construction products which are exposed to the weather day in, day out. It is a lightweight material which at the same time is very strong.

On account of their light-fast surface coating, Alulux roller shutters never need to be repainted. Our aluminium roller shutter profiles are available in 18 different standard colours, so you are bound to find something that suits your tastes.

Why choose brand-name roller shutters and not the cheapest on the market?

Our brand-name roller shutters from premium Germany manufacturers offer you a number of benefits. When developing our systems we are guided by your requirements, drawing on our wealth of experience. A high quality of design, convenience, functionality and durability is a must, as is a superior processing quality.

Once you have opted for Alulux brand-name roller shutters, you can also count on reliable installation by experts and on our service in the event of any faults that might arise.

In addition, Alulux roller shutter systems are always custom-made and accurate to the required dimensions to within a millimetre.

All this is virtually impossible to find in off-the-shelf roller shutters.

How should I look after my new roller shutters?

Checking your roller shutters once a year will keep them working perfectly. Are the side guide rails for the roller shutter curtain clean, for example? Any dirt (such as pollen) on the rails and on the curtain can be easily removed with a damp cloth. You should also check to make sure that your roller shutters close completely and without squeaking. Carry out a visual check to make sure that the surface is undamaged.

If there is any impaired functionality in your roller shutters, a specialist in the roller shutters and blinds trade will be able to offer you expert help.

What do I need to keep in mind in freezing temperatures in winter?

In freezing temperatures, don’t ventilate your rooms with the roller shutters closed. This prevents condensation from forming on the roller shutter curtain and freezing.

If the roller shutter’s bottom slat becomes frozen to the window sill, please do not open your roller shutter as this will place excessive loads on the motor and on the belt. Never use force to open it.

What should I bear in mind when buying roller shutters?

Premium-quality roller shutters can be recognised by their unique features.

Look for:

  • efficient insulation materials (e.g. Neopor) to reduce your energy consumption
  • TÜV test certification for guaranteed quality and safety
  • customised upgrade options, such as the insect screen
  • anti-lift lock for increased protection against break-ins
  • optional modern control options: via radio or smartphone app
  • choice of motor control and belt operation systems
  • mechanical limit stop
  • brush inserts for quiet operation
  • obstacle detection, e.g. to protect your children
  • blockage detection and anti-freeze protection