Qompact® – Roller Door for Carports & Garages

The Qompact roller door for carports and garages is a complete system for increased indoor and outdoor protection. It prevents unauthorised access, while offering a space saving, unobtrusive design for a wide range of applications. Shop windows, entrances and garages are all offered greater protection in standard Alulux quality.


  • Small extruded roller door box
  • Effective burglary protection
  • Impact resistant, shockproof
  • Storm tested
  • Secured by a motor brake against being forced open
  • Motor operated as standard


  • Unique winding properties
    of the roller door curtain – very tight winding, resulting in an unobtrusive small box.
  • Fully extruded system;
    optimum security, strong material
  • Powder coated surface;
    best surface and weather protection
  • Secured via Q-XL security side locking; against being levered out of the lateral guide channel
  • Sealed and punched profiles
    can be combined; offering great visual diversity


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Qompact® - Roller Door for Carports & Garages




Qompact® – Roller Door for Carports & Garages